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How to Land an In-House Counsel Gig

Posted by on Jul 7, 2014 in General Law | 0 comments

When looking for in-house counsel and lawyer jobs online, many would-be employees make the mistake of taking the same exact approach. That’s a grave mistake that’s simply not going to land you the in-house gig you’re looking for. If you really want to beat your competition and get the all-important ‘You’re Hired!’ phone call, keep the following in mind. Find the Right Recruitment Firm Yes, some people will scream to the high heavens that recruitment firms are evil. This may (heavy stress on the word may) be the case on generic firms that focus on pretty much every job under the sun, but that’s certainly not the case with niche firms that specialise in a certain sector alone. So don’t search for a job by your lonesome, but turn to the experts who can forge connections that you could...

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How to Find a Good Lawyer

Posted by on Apr 25, 2014 in Legal Tips/Advice | 0 comments

Are you in trouble with the law? Or perhaps you need someone to go over that juicy contract you’re about to sign? No matter what the reason, it’s important that you employ the right person for the job. After all, not every lawyer is created equal. Finding the right lawyer involves quite a few variables – it can get a little confusing, we’ll be the first to admit that. However, that’s no excuse to hire a flop. We’ve put together a quick guide that will give you everything you need to know to find the best legal representative for you. Talk to People Personal referrals work extremely well when it comes to find a good lawyer. It really helps to talk to people in your direct community, as they’ll have experience and reviews on a personal level. Don’t just...

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Identity Theft and Fraud: The Hidden Dangers of Social Media

Posted by on Apr 20, 2014 in Specialized Law | 0 comments

Millions of people use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn on a daily basis. People share everything on these sites, including key personal information used by identity thieves. The rise of social media has had a huge effect on the information available to us about others online. Identity theft has become a big problem in America, with as many as 10 million Americans being affected every year. You may be surprised to hear that younger generations are actually more at risk than older generations, with college students being at particularly high risk. One of the reasons for that is the rise in social media sites. How is Social Media Putting You at Risk? You may be wondering how something as seemingly harmless as connecting with friends online can put you at risk of becoming a victim of...

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All You Need to Know About the Miranda Warning

Posted by on Apr 15, 2014 in Legal Information | 0 comments

We’ve all heard the classic line “you have the right to remain silent” on television countless times. You’ve almost lost track how many times they’ve been heard on the airwaves, but we are willing to wager you don’t actually know much about it. This blurb comes from what is known as the Miranda Warning. It is designed to protect the rights of a private citizen during questioning by the police. Developed in the 1960s, it’s the right of every citizen to have their Miranda rights explained to them before having to speak to the authorities. Is It Allowed to Waive Your Rights? If you are happy to speak to the police officer in question, you can confirm you have understood your rights and that you will speak freely without the presence of an attorney. However, if you change your...

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Top Tips to Prevent Identity Theft

Posted by on Apr 11, 2014 in Legal Tips/Advice | 0 comments

Recent studies have shown that identity theft has seen a huge rise, with someone’s identity being stolen every 3.5 seconds in the United States. Thieves use personal identity information, or PII, such as names, date of birth, driver’s license numbers and social security numbers to steal someone else’s identity. People often see it as an online only crime, however, there are various ways people could gain this key information. It can come from stolen mail, wallets, stolen documents, phishing scams or a computer virus. Once they have gained this PII, thieves are able to use the information to make purchases on your credit card, open new credit cards and more. How can you minimize the risk of becoming and identity theft victim? To help avoid falling victim to this crime, there are some important tips you should follow. These...

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