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Your Questions Answered: When Do I Need a Lawyer?

Posted by on Apr 3, 2014 in Legal Tips/Advice | 0 comments

Some issues don’t require the help of lawyers and can be dealt with through other professionals, such as accountants or doctors. However, if a problem has a legal aspect intertwined with it, then you may need legal help. However, it’s not always clear-cut and people are often left confused and wonder whether it’s worth hiring a lawyer. This can often lead to grave errors. So when do you need one? Keep reading to find out. If the Police is Involved Anything to do with handcuffs is usually a serious matter – you should seek legal help immediately. For example, if you’re charged with driving under the influence, domestic violence or something like tax fraud it’s essential you get the help you need straight away. Remember that bit of advice you always hear on TV? “You have a right to...

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A Checklist for Divorce

Posted by on Mar 27, 2014 in Specialized Law | 0 comments

Getting a divorce is a particularly hard time for everyone involved. It is not a decision that anyone makes lightly. It is emotionally tough to reach a place where you both feel that this is the only option available. No break up is the same and therefore no divorce is going to be the same. We have devised some advice listed below that will hopefully assist you in the process. Keep things as amicable as possible if you can. For the sake of your relationship talk to each other about how you’re feeling, why you’re feeling that way and what you think can help. Stay calm and try to have a conversation about this in a focused and slow manner. Try to organize the details of organization of the household and who is going to stay where. If children...

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Dressing for Working at a Law Firm

Posted by on Mar 22, 2014 in Legal Information | 0 comments

In the legal sector appearances matter at the end of the day so you need to make sure that you’re giving across the best impression possible to be considered a professional. The way you dress can potentially command respect, demand trust and convey a completely polished image. Although in the technology industry casual attire is the new be all and end all, in the legal industry formal attire is still crucial. Low cut tops, jeans and short skirts tend not to go down great in the office. Suits on the other hand always set off the best initial impression. Sharp cut suits in native colours such as black, grey and brown are perfect for client meetings, briefings and presentations. Pant suits are preferable but skirted suits are becoming more and more acceptable but the main thing to remember here...

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How to prepare to be a witness at a Court Case.

Posted by on Mar 13, 2014 in General Law | 0 comments

As a witness you are an integral part of the court case and your presence is very much needed and appreciated. In a criminal court case for example your statement and evidence can keep an innocent person out of jail or send a guilty person down. Make sure to prepare thoroughly with the attorney/barrister involved in the trial. They can help to reassure you if nervous and are able to answer any anxiety-ridden questions you might have. The attorney can also go through what questions they think may come up during the court case. Explore the court house where the case will be taking place and familiarize yourself with the surroundings so that it is not all strange to you when you come in to testify. Get an early night the night prior to the court case and try...

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Staying Happy as a Lawyer in Corporate America

Posted by on Mar 6, 2014 in General Law | 0 comments

How many lawyers do you know that are unhappy in their roles in their firms these days? Plenty that’s how many! Working long hours for little gratification is one of the main complaints alongside the lack of family time, lack of personal time or working in a highly stressful environment day in day out. The days roll on and on and pretty much everyone looks the same. Your phone is your right-hand-man and you constantly check it all day every day waiting for the next email to come in. Put it down at 2am and pick it up after 5 hours sleep at 7am. You never get to switch off. Realistically that just isn’t an option. Time is at a premium and each day you find yourself working from 8am to 8pm with no break in between. So how...

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