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How to Land an In-House Counsel Gig

How to Land an In-House Counsel Gig

When looking for in-house counsel and lawyer jobs online, many would-be employees make the mistake of taking the same exact approach. That’s a grave mistake that’s simply not going to land you the in-house gig you’re looking for. If you really want to beat your competition and get the all-important ‘You’re Hired!’ phone call, keep the following in mind.

Find the Right Recruitment Firm

Yes, some people will scream to the high heavens that recruitment firms are evil. This may (heavy stress on the word may) be the case on generic firms that focus on pretty much every job under the sun, but that’s certainly not the case with niche firms that specialise in a certain sector alone.

So don’t search for a job by your lonesome, but turn to the experts who can forge connections that you could only dream of getting. Forget jumping through thousands of hoops before speaking to someone that actually matters and get the advice from those that know how to get people hired.

And Then Find More…

Don’t limit yourself to just a single company. Get out there and sign up to several firms that specialise in your industry. It’s unlikely they all have the same jobs and contacts in their database.

So if you want to ensure your CV gets to as many relevant desks as possible, don’t put all of your eggs into a single basket. Sure, you can have a favourite, but don’t limit yourself to just one.

Know What’s Important

You’re already an amazing lawyer – your background shows that. But most people forget that it’s more than just that, especially if you’re looking to go corporate. You have to show off the fact that you can work as part of a varied team, that you are astute, and that you’re passionate. Don’t limit yourself to legal jargon only.

Network, Network, Network!

If you’re the kind of person that heads straight for the door after work and disappear off home, your chances of getting the exciting gigs will be greatly diminished. While law is a meritocracy in the grand scheme of things, people still need to know that you actually exist.

Try and go to drinks after work and talk to people. Go to events related to your specialty. Don’t be afraid to talk to strangers and don’t assume you’re being slimy – after all, you’re passionate about law and want to talk to others who share the same interest. What’s wrong with that?

Be Proactive

Don’t send a couple of CVs and then complain that there isn’t anything out there for you. Remember, it’s often just a numbers game.  Keep going at it and don’t lose hope even if you get rejection after rejection. It’s a competitive market out there and you’re going to need to battle in order to get a gig worth taking.

Don’t limit yourself to sending those CVs either. Get out there and talk to various firms, talk to people you know working at large corporations, and try to use every single contact and favour you’ve still got in credit. 

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