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How to prepare to be a witness at a Court Case.

How to prepare to be a witness at a Court Case.

As a witness you are an integral part of the court case and your presence is very much needed and appreciated. In a criminal court case for example your statement and evidence can keep an innocent person out of jail or send a guilty person down.

  1. Make sure to prepare thoroughly with the attorney/barrister involved in the trial. They can help to reassure you if nervous and are able to answer any anxiety-ridden questions you might have. The attorney can also go through what questions they think may come up during the court case.

  2. Explore the court house where the case will be taking place and familiarize yourself with the surroundings so that it is not all strange to you when you come in to testify.

  3. Get an early night the night prior to the court case and try to dress to impress. You never really know what the jury is judging so the smarter you look the better the impression you give off. Odd outfits, an overdose of makeup and piercings/tattoos are not appealing and can send off the wrong impression rather than the right one.

  4. When your in court and brought up on the stand make sure that you take five deep breaths before so that you feel relaxed and ready for the questioning that will be coming. Look at the jury when you’re answering the questions. This works in two ways, it makes your statements appear true and valid as you are looking them straight in the eye and secondly if you’re looking at anyone else in the court room it can appear that you could be seeking validation from them and make you loose your credibility.

  5. The questioning time can be quite tough and go extremely fast. This where the breathing exercises will help. The main tip here is to answer any question directed at you directly. Don’t beat around the bush to waste time or if you’re feeling nervous. Remember what you wrote about in your witness statements and that will help ease the worry.

  6. Act as polite as possible. Don’t interrupt any of the attorneys or particularly not the judge and don’t answer back if you’re getting frustrated. No bad language and the main thing is to not let the attorney provoke you or if they are don’t let it show.

  7. Above all tell the truth. This is not the time to hurt the case in hand. Tell the absolute truth as lies can be easily picked apart and again will ensure that you lose your credibility as a witness. Sympathize with the attorney when they try and provoke you.

  8. Speak in your own words. Don’t let anyone put words in your mouth so the truth aspect comes into this too.

  9. Listen very carefully to avoid any confusion in relation to the questioning. Don’t get angered if you feel that you’re being doubted during the trial – the defense counsel is simply doing their job.

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