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Staying Happy as a Lawyer in Corporate America

Staying Happy as a Lawyer in Corporate America

How many lawyers do you know that are unhappy in their roles in their firms these days? Plenty that’s how many! Working long hours for little gratification is one of the main complaints alongside the lack of family time, lack of personal time or working in a highly stressful environment day in day out.

The days roll on and on and pretty much everyone looks the same. Your phone is your right-hand-man and you constantly check it all day every day waiting for the next email to come in. Put it down at 2am and pick it up after 5 hours sleep at 7am. You never get to switch off. Realistically that just isn’t an option.

Time is at a premium and each day you find yourself working from 8am to 8pm with no break in between. So how can you make this stop? How can you turn this day of horror into a dream day? We won’t say it’s easy but we do say it’s possible. You just need to make the effort. Think about it this way, you make the investment in yourself in order to be the best version of yourself and it will all pay off in the professional sense also.


  1. First of all turn off the ‘push notifications’ on your phone related to your email. This will mean you won’t be buzzed every time a mail comes through but also gives you the space so that you don’t need to jump every time a mail appears at 12am at night. When you’re at home it’s your home time. Value it and try as much as possible to detach from the environment you’ve just come from. Emails can be answered the following day when you’re back in work.

  2. Secondly, do you take time for lunch each day? If you can’t manage it every single day how about every other day? Taking a break mid-day can be incredibly beneficial to your own mind and can also add many benefits to your quality of work as you come back to the office more motivate and enthused.

  3. Practice mindfulness. When the day feels pretty tough to handle can you afford to take five minutes and try some breathing exercises to slow things down help you to lower that blood pressure and really gain perspective on what you’re looking at.

  4. Within the workplace look at your delegation skills. Are you taking on too much of the workload? Review your working habits and decide whether there is something that you can do yourself – without altering your job description, to reduce or re-allocate your workload? If so then do it! This may take some time planning and meticulous organizational skills but the end result will be worth it. A free calendar in the afternoon you say? Yes please! Prioritize what really needs to be done on each work day and what can be pushed until the following. The key here is efficiency!

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