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Dressing for Working at a Law Firm

In the legal sector appearances matter at the end of the day so you need to make sure that you’re giving across the best impression possible to be considered a professional. The way you dress can potentially command respect, demand trust and convey a completely polished image.

Although in the technology industry casual attire is the new be all and end all, in the legal industry formal attire is still crucial. Low cut tops, jeans and short skirts tend not to go down great in the office.

Suits on the other hand always set off the best initial impression. Sharp cut suits in native colours such as black, grey and brown are perfect for client meetings, briefings and presentations. Pant suits are preferable but skirted suits are becoming more and more acceptable but the main thing to remember here is that the skirts must go on over the knee. The key here is to look as conservative and professional as possible.

For less formal business events and casual work days, pantsuits and dressy coordinated separates are acceptable. Tailored jackets, tasteful sweaters and pretty blouses paired with a skirt or dress pants are always good choices.

If finances allow and if you’re craving that polished look get your suits tailored rather than just wearing if off the rack. For females remember not to get it tailored too tightly – for various purposes such as comfort and professionalism.

With regards to shoes a man should focus on black or brown leather shoes whilst females should focus on closed-toe shoes that have a heel of 3 inches or less. Make sure that they are clean and polished before heading into work so that you’re looking as professional and put together as possible.

Simple jewellery works best at the workplace such as a pearl necklace for females, some diamond studs and a wedding band. A wedding band and smart watch are suitable for men.

There are plenty of cardinal sins that you an commit when working at a law firm and clothing is top of that agenda. Number one on that list is clothing that is too revealing – for both sexes. It’s not the time or the place to get the legs out or the top half either. Similarly for men it is not the time to display your underwear or to leave a few too many buttons undone on that shirt. No sir. Secondly try not to buy clothing that is too loud. Although you may feel as if this is enabling you to express your personality it is not really the place for that. There is a danger that wearing such clothing can make you appear unprofessional and not serious about the profession of law. Try to make yourself look as groomed as possible cosmetically – no unkempt hair, minimum make up and clean-shaven.

The main thing here is to do your research on the law firm prior to starting there to check their uniform policies.

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