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Why should you blog as a lawyer?

Why should you blog as a lawyer?

In order to market yourself appropriately and ensure that you’re are receiving enough leads in for your services the best thing to do is get your name out there. Blogging can help with this! Encompassed with social media and email marketing blogging can lead to you drumming a lot more business that you would have ever initially expected!

Blogging is one of the best tools available now days to market your expertise on an area and they really are extremely easy to set up. It gives you the ability to build up your own firm’s (or your own professional) reputation and also enables you to communicate your views on current cases/laws/legislation. The New York Times for example has a specific section of their website dedicated to the Courts and Laws of the United States.

The best thing to do when you first get started is to plan plan plan! Below we have detailed different ways that you can make your blog a success but initially it all comes down to planning a devising a suitable blog strategy that you can then implement. Dedication is key here as is motivation to keep this running so that the content is kept fresh and exciting!

1) Build a relationship with your user. By this we mean that you need to communicate with any potential customers/clients that you are indeed the correct choice if they are looking for an attorney. Although you may have an active website with a full biography, this does not add the same depth to your character as blogs do. A blog allows you to update readers with industry news and developments, promote yourself or your firm and establishes you as an expert in your area. Does it increase revenue overall? Yes it is a contributing factor in increasing revenue as it allows you to build on the relationship with your customers/clients outside of the appointment times.

2) Find your niche. Blogs that focus on a specific theme or area and that are more targeted tend to receive the most traffic. Essentially what you’re writing about here is your own view on topics so try and keep this as a resource that will add value and that are consistent and focused. Writing about every topic under the sun will appear scattered and lack train of thought. To users this could certainly be off-putting.

3) Promote yourself far and wide! If you’re writing a personal blog to focus on your own professional reputation make sure to push the blog out on your various social networks – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Alternatively you could create a ‘vlog’ – a video blog which you could then post out on YouTube to try and stand out from the crowd. Remember that the life span of a tweet is roughly 3 hours so you can continuously push out your posts especially if you’re just getting started and if you’ve accrued a suitable Twitter audience. Facebook posts meanwhile have a low organic reach so you may not reach everyone you intended to but another way to capture everyone’s attention is via email marketing. Get them to sign up to your newsletter!

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