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Your Questions Answered: When Do I Need a Lawyer?

Your Questions Answered: When Do I Need a Lawyer?

Some issues don’t require the help of lawyers and can be dealt with through other professionals, such as accountants or doctors. However, if a problem has a legal aspect intertwined with it, then you may need legal help.

However, it’s not always clear-cut and people are often left confused and wonder whether it’s worth hiring a lawyer. This can often lead to grave errors. So when do you need one? Keep reading to find out.

If the Police is Involved

Anything to do with handcuffs is usually a serious matter – you should seek legal help immediately. For example, if you’re charged with driving under the influence, domestic violence or something like tax fraud it’s essential you get the help you need straight away.

Remember that bit of advice you always hear on TV? “You have a right to an attorney”? Don’t forget to use the rights given to you – they are there for a very good reason.

Accidents or Similar

If you have suffered bodily harm in anyway way shape or form, call a lawyer. It can be anything from an obvious physical attack to a fault appliance causing injury. Don’t assume that your insurance company will handle it – in fact, you may need legal help against the firm.

Even if the person you’ve injured claims it’s no big deal at the time of the accident, they may rethink things if they find they’ve been injured. So always get a lawyer involved just in case things spiral out of control.


Don’t sign on the dotted line when big money is involved. If you’re making a commitment that will have a significant influence on your finances, get a legal professional to look over everything first. This oversight may cost you quite a good chunk of money.

So if you’re planning on buying a new property, selling a valuable collector’s item, or anything that involves large sums of money, get yourself the advice of a lawyer. You can thank us later.

Death in the Family

When someone dies, there’s plenty of paperwork that you’ll have to deal with following the event. It’s not something you want to think about, but it’s one of those things that will come back to bite you if you don’t sort out your affairs properly.

There are things like estate tax returns, income tax returns, trust returns and a bunch of other bits and pieces that you are legally bound to sort out. Not doing so can leave you exposed – call an expert!

Divorce or Separations
Even if you are on the friendliest term with your former partner or spouse, it’s nevertheless a good idea to get a lawyer involved straight from the get go. It may save you a lot of trouble in the future. Even if you’re not on bad terms, get a lawyer to mediate affairs so that you come to a conclusion that you’re both happy with. It can actually make things a lot easier on both of you.


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