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A Checklist for Divorce

A Checklist for Divorce

Getting a divorce is a particularly hard time for everyone involved. It is not a decision that anyone makes lightly. It is emotionally tough to reach a place where you both feel that this is the only option available. No break up is the same and therefore no divorce is going to be the same. We have devised some advice listed below that will hopefully assist you in the process.

  1. Keep things as amicable as possible if you can. For the sake of your relationship talk to each other about how you’re feeling, why you’re feeling that way and what you think can help. Stay calm and try to have a conversation about this in a focused and slow manner.

  2. Try to organize the details of organization of the household and who is going to stay where. If children are involved have a chat about where they will live. The less upheaval for the kids involved the better. Put together a budget of income and outgoings and try to work out your expenses on a monthly basis to ensure you account for anything coming up.

  3. Stay single. This is not the time for getting into a new relationship. This is the time to focus on yourself, rebuilding you and figuring out just where you went wrong in your last relationship. This will help to build character and will enable you to learn for your next relationship. Depending on where you live  a relationship outside of marriage – whether it started during the marriage or during the separation, can be a bone of contention during divorce proceedings. A point to note here is that phone records, emails and mobile phone details can be used as part of the court case during the divorce. Be prepared.

  4. Start collecting financial documents. Gather up all of your documents from current accounts, saving accounts, investments, deposits, credit cards etc. and organize them into one folder. Take copies of these documents and entrust these to a friend who you’ll know will keep a close eye.

  5. Now is the time to begin opening accounts in your own name. As you move onto this next phase of your life where your independence will be key and the start of this is taking control of your financial assets. Lay the groundwork while you can. Remember that opening a bank account is not an easy process so get all your documentation together beforehand and talk to someone in your local branch.

  6. Compose a property valuation and assessment. This is a job best left to the professionals but it can help to reveal the true value of your fixed assets (such as your property). Is the marital home going to remain in your possession or your partners? Who is going to look after the kids – will either of you want full custody or will you share? Who will pay the mortgage? All of these questions are key to commence the divorce proceedings.

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